Via del Tritone.




Via del Tritone shows a sudden need to grow. And so finally disappears from toponymy capitoline via dell'Angelo Custode. With the latter, leaves the renowned pharmacy of "tincture of wormwood ferruginous" and of “injection Grassi”, a sort of miracle vaccine against infectious diseases.



Is not the first nor the last phenomenon of urban mutation. Stationers, furriers, liquor Gancia, oranges and tangerines from Sicily, said signs and shop hidden under a tunnel of curtains and valances with a train.



Rise and fall along the street created by the little passenger car, a cart, but also a gig from the countryside, while an omnibus trudging up the slope. To make room for the fresh plaster buildings has been demolished, in addition to the church of dell'Angelo Custode, which gave the name of the road disappeared, even Palazzo Alberoni, containing frescoes of Pannini transferred into its salt by the Casino di Villa Patrizi, near Porta Pia. Torn a second time, the paintings were placed permanently in the Senate (Palazzo Madama), where he finally took root.



The large shadow cast by the right is the church of Santa Maria in Via, famous for the distribution of holy water from the well inside. Screams the already intrusive advertising armor corners of buildings: there is not room for regrets if not in the songs of fashion, who are entitled for example "But my love will never die" and the first jeers of Petrolini.

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