View of the Tiber river with St. Peter.




The banks of the Tiber nature, yet without walls, but just with a row of pegs wood driven into a sort of piles embedded in the muddy waters, which were used to stop the tongues of sand. Unbelievable but true, the left is the unadorned statement river of Appollo Tor di Nona, the opera of the time, later slain in the name of the Tiber.



Survives in a plaque, placed also in memory of two works by Verdi that you go on stage premiere. The architecture of the bridge, built with a humpback curvature since the time of Adriano with three central arches and some lateral smaller appearance change significantly after the construction of the embankments. The octagon deck overlooking the hospital of Santo Spirito and the foots of St Peter, before the appearance of the way Conciliazione, the houses are still deployed in via Borgo Vecchio and via Borgo Nuovo.



Will not last long the last elements of fortification outside the mausoleum of Adriano. Under the bulwark of support of Castel Sant'Angelo, a few cabins and bathrooms River, which dominates the little house a cafe, even the season. Despite the attempt of settlement on the river for recreational purposes, and even a rudimentary service that serves with Prati, ferry moving along a rope, the Tiber still looks already dissected from the rest of the city.

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