Bridge Nomentano, 1870 about.


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A bridge from nowhere. Battlements and towers vaguely nordic passage fortified on river Aniene that was the scene of the last languid greeting between Andrea Sperelli and Elena Muti in the "Piacere" of d'Annunzio. So the description of places: "The bridge was near, reddish, lighting of the sun. The river seemed motion and metal in the entire length of its windings. The reed bends the shore and the water jostled slightly thickened some poles in the clay to hold the line perhaps". It is March 25, 1885: fans, discreetly hidden in the darkness of a coach, crossing the dark coach of a prelate, a cowboy on horseback and a group of clerics purple, before landing the goal of many romantic encounters that time; Bridge Nomentano. Just put your foot on the other side, Elena ask for a stop at the tavern roman Monte Sacro. From that spot, or perhaps to Aventino, the consul Menenio Agrippa took the famous speech to the plebeians who did not want to learn to work.


But is not the only memory in the bridge - built by Narsete on the ruins of one destroyed by Totila - carries the weight. Here, in fact, in the cold December of 800, Leone III came to meet Charlemagne, accompanied by high prelates and a myriad of assistants. In the photo of the century, two soldiers guard the famous trout fishing of Aniene, while a car goes in the direction of Mentana. From there to 30-40 years in the Monte Sacro district would be built of the same name, to avoid the risk weights castle on the river, the console was diverted and there was built Bridge Tazio.

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