Office of the Court.



The palace Riario, then then of the New Chancellery, was begun in 1483, but work had to be suspended for lack of funding. According to Pietro Aretino, could be completed thanks to a stunning win at the game of 60.000 Scudi made by Cardinal Raffaele Riario, nephew of Sisto IV against Franceschetto Cybo, the son of Pope Innocenzo VIII (1484-1492).


The work lasted until 1511 and perhaps beyond. Not sure who it was the designer, if Francesco di Giorgio Martini, the Bramante, the Bregno or Antonio da Sangallo the Edler; were used for the construction of marble and travertine largely removed from the Colosseum.



Damaged during the sack of the Lansquenets (1527), the palace was restored by Pope Paolo III Farnese. In 1798, the Jacobin Republic, the palace was the seat of the Chancery Court of the French Roman Republic; in 1800 he returned to the old target of Apostolic Chancery, and served simultaneously as the seat of high prelates, magistrates and ecclesiastical court and of the imperial court.


On 15 November 1848 there was killed Pellegrino Rossi; February 6, 1849 was proclaimed the Roman Republic. After 1870 when he was chancellor of the Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church with the privileges of extraterritoriality.

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